State registration of LLCs is now available online

9 июля 2019 года Министерство юстиции Украины представило новую услугу онлайн-государственной регистрации обществ с ограниченной ответственностью, действующих на основании типового уставаНовая услуга – еще один скачок в дерегулировании и упрощении ведения бизнес-процессов в Украине.

On 9 July 2019 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine presented a new service of online state registration of limited liability companies (LLCs) acting based on a model charter.

The new service is another leap in the deregulation and simplifying of doing business processes in Ukraine.

The service can be used to set up a new LLC, as well as to switch the existing LLC to the model charter activity format.

The main advantages of the introduced service are:

no need to draft the incorporation documents, all documents are generated by the system based on questionnaire filled in by the applicant;
no need to physically submit documents to the state registrar, everything is done online;
simultaneously with the state registration LLC can also register for VAT and apply for use of simplified taxation system; and
risks of rejection and human factor mistakes are minimal.
At the same time, the following should be considered during the online registration:

registration can be performed only with the electronic signature that can be obtained through several accreditation centres;
online registration is available directly to founders-individuals or Ukrainian companies, while founders – foreign companies cannot perform the registration online, as obtaining of electronic signature is not available to foreign legal entities;
there is a limited number of variable clauses in the model charter; and
the service cannot be used to introduce amendments to the state registry regarding LLCs (e.g., appointment of a new director, change of LLC address, etc).
The service is available on the portal of the Online House of Justice as well as the Government portal.

Авторы: Alla Kozachenko, Yuliia Brusko


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